Chris, what is special about your wedding photography?

I bring my own sense of devotion and delight to shooting your wedding. My wedding couples gladly tell me I make them feel at ease. We all know your best pictures come when you are relaxed, in love, and able to be real on your wedding day. I specialize in portraits and photojournalism - so I am always looking for the authentic "you" through my lens...always looking for your family and friends as they are there, for you.

I bring photographic skills of persistence, integrity, reliability and fun to the full scope of your photo process, from shooting through post-production, to delivering photos that will delight you!

What is your professional background as a photographer?

I am a passionate visual storyteller, obsessed with light. My skills and expertise are honed through more than twenty-five years as a photojournalist. I capture unique moments, including portraits, automotive imagery, sports, news and street happenings.

I have been featured multiple times in the National Geographic Magazine website, Your Shot, Daily Dozen, and I was published in a special edition of National Geographic Magazine with a photo inspired by my son's health struggle. As a member of the New Jersey Press Association, my photos are regularly featured in regional newspapers The Star-Ledger and The Record. I am proudly featured in wedding and family photo albums around the world!

Chris, how do you shoot my wedding?

On the day of your wedding I never stand in one place. To do this I talk to and shoot as many people as possible with an open, storytelling mind. Light and life have taught me to respond and not react. To tell your wedding story, I seek multiple perspectives, as it is impossible to learn a story from only one viewpoint. I walk around and absorb your people, your place, your party, the pandemonium, the peace - the truth of the scene, whether spectacular or sensitive in nature. I feel your passion, and my passion for what is in front of us. Then, I raise my camera and capture the frames that tell your story.




How did you become a photographer?

Photography is what I feel destined to do. In college, I was studying communications and simply thought people with cameras looked cool. I picked up a camera and took 50 pictures every day for a year: black and white slide film, color film, digital. I shot every day, even if I was not in the mood. My passion began with the science of photograph, the technical aspects of light and how it draws out the subject matter. I knew I wanted to be a photographer when that first image appeared in the darkroom developing tray. It was a spiritual moment, as an image emerged from a piece of white paper. I just wanted to do it again and again and again. I forever seek its beauty, which inspires me to reach for a more desirable result. 

Today, my technical skill equals my artistic eye. I will always be a student of light.

Tell me a story about a special photo experience you have had.

I always have a camera with me. I captured the moment of my son, Trevor's first breath in the hospital. When Trevor was small, our family would go to county fairs to delight in the playful pigs, his favorite animal. Trevor is now a teenager. He suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, and wears a medical Alert bracelet. I daydreamed about a photo that would tie together in one story of resilience my son's health journey, and the role pigs have played in Diabetes, past and present. Recent medical studies have discovered that islet cells from pigs may hold the key to unlocking the cure for Diabetes. My National Geographic special edition photo, titled "Reaching for Hope," is of Trevor reaching out to touch a small piglet.